Your energy is renewable, unlike your time

Energy is a renewable, while time is limited resource, according to this article from Harvard Business Review. Tony Schwartz and Catherine McCarthy of The Energy Project describe how people can use simple rituals to replenish their energy during their work day. Most large organisations “invest in developing employees’ skills, knowledge and competence,” but their capacity is usually taken for granted. The article is already a few years old, but it can safely be said that the number of distractions on a work day has only increased with the presence of mobile devices and chat apps. Even airplanes are no longer internet free zones.

Your energy, unlike your skills and knowledge, is taken for granted

Four kinds of energy are identified in the article: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy.

Renew your vitality now

A holiday is great to make you feel more dynamic. But there are easy ways to feel more energetic at work according to the Schwartz and McCarthy, such as

  • Setting an earlier bedtime,
  • Taking brief, regular breaks away from your desk
  • Expressing appreciation to others,
  • Reducing interruptions by performing high-concentration tasks away from phones and email
  • Allocating time and energy to what you consider most important and fulfilling

One practice I’m (trying to) adopt is putting away my phone at home in the evening and reading a book. I find it gives me more peace of mind than scrolling through my Facebook feed.

Are you headed for an energy crisis?

The article also contains a short questionnaire to assess your own risk (click on Are you heading for an energy crisis about half way on the left). Of course, a coach can also help you implement changes into your lifestyle, as habits are hard to break.


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