Lost No More – Find Clarity, Direction and Confidence Abroad

Package 1 | Your Virtual Expat Retreat

Gain Clarity and Calm with an Independent Expat Coach 

Do you feel stuck in uncertainty around your anticipated move or relocation? Do you have doubts about your next step in your life or career? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the demands of family and/or work and it is hard to see the road ahead clearly?

In this 2 hour Virtual Retreat for Expats you untangle the chaos, discover new perspectives and map out a course of action for yourself.

Join me virtually on the tropical island of Borneo and experience the freedom of sharing your thoughts, concerns and wishes with an unbiased (but challenging) listener.

The Virtual Retreat is a mixture of coaching conversation and writing exercises.

This package is for you if you

Want to step out of the chaos for a few hours

Do not need more advice but want to tap into your own inner wisdom

Want to have a clear overview of your situation and your next steps

Most suitable for

Expats struggling with deciding on their next location or the uncertainty while waiting for news about this

Expat moms (or dads) who are feeling overwhelmed by the demands of parenting and life abroad

This package includes:

1 Virtual Retreat session (2 hours)

1 Finding Clarity Workbook (pdf)

Time Limited Bonus

1 Free Follow Up Call (30 Minutes) to support you as you implement the lessons from Virtual Expat Retreat in your daily life.

Special Introduction Price

To celebrate launching my new website, I am offering the Virtual Expat Retreat at a very special price.

The retreat, workbook and bonus follow up call is yours for just 199 USD if you book before 8 December 2018.

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