Package 1 | No Work Permit, No Problem

Find Focus and Positive Energy with an Independent Expat Coach 

Sooo… You’re living abroad. Your partner goes to work every day, but you? You have no work permit and it isn’t easy to find an employer who will sponsor you.

However, you feel too young to only hang out at coffee mornings or social tennis. You love caring for your family, but your brain cells are begging for attention too. And besides, there is a career after expatriation too, right?

But what can you do? You’ve thought of studies, working from home and a thousand other things, but which way should you be going? Time is ticking and you are ready for Action!

Join me for for a 4 session power coaching engagement in which you will:

  • Find your Focus,
  • Figure out your Next Steps and
  • Feel you are Moving Forward instead of feeling stuck and bored.


This package is for you if you

Want to use your time abroad as an opportunity

Are ready for a change

Want to feel focused and in control instead of dependent

Most suitable for

Expat partners without a work permit

Expat moms trying to find a balance between their families’ needs and their own dreams

This package includes:

4 Online Coaching Sessions

1 Find Your Focus Abroad Workbook (pdf)

Due to Relocation this package is currently only available upon request. Contact me for more details.

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